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New player in Fujifilm's Complete 16 deal

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Friday March 23, 2012

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New player in Fujifilm's Complete 16 deal

Fujifilm Motion Picture has unveiled the London Filter Company as the latest commercial partner in its 16mm film and processing package - Complete 16.

All participating filmmakers will now be entitled to a 60% discount off all rental filters stocked by the London Filter Company. Complete 16 already offers a 60% discount off 16mm camera rental from Panavision, ARRI Media, Movietech, Take2 and Ice Film.

Complete 16 customers can choose from either Technicolor or Deluxe Soho for their processing. The cost of processing is included in the initial cost of 16mm film stock, together with Ultra-Sonic Clean and Prep for TK, Best Light Transfer and Sound Sync. The exclusive deal is now available in a choice of HD or SD transfers.

The Complete16 package gives filmmakers the quality, flexibility and logistical benefits of film origination at a preferential price. The deal is open to a wide range of productions including Feature Films, TV Dramas, Short Films, Music Promos, Web Idents, Artist and Student Films.

To find out more about Complete 16, go to and for more information on the London Filter Company, visit


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