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Profit opportunity from Reflecta's new scanner

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Friday March 9, 2012

Digitdia 6000 scanner Click HERE to download as a high res file (5.09MB)

Profit opportunity from Reflecta's new scanner

The newly updated version of Reflecta's DigitDia 5000 colour scanner, the DigitDia 6000, is now available through Kenro, presenting high street retailers with a great opportunity to offer a fast and economic slide copying service.

Said Kenro's managing director Paul Kench: "Reflecta's DigitDia 5000 has proved a very popular and effective professional and commercial scanner since its launch five years ago and the DigitDia 6000, with its improved all round performance, especially the step up to 5000 dpi, looks set to follow suit.

"And as scanning is carried out automatically with no need for any staff input while it's operating, it provides an ideal opportunity for a photo retailer who can add to the services they offer by transferring to a digital archive some of the many millions of 35mm slides which are tucked away in shoe boxes or at the back of wardrobes around the country."

The DigitDia 6000 will not only create top quality scans at a resolution of up to 5000 dpi and 48 bit colour depth but will also automatically remove dust and scratches thanks to Magic Touch technology.

Like the DigitDia 5000, it will scan up to 100 slides directly from its magazine with a 5000 dpi scan typically taking four minutes. Lower resolution scans are, of course, quicker with an 1800 dpi scan being completed in around 50 seconds. Slides can be viewed on an integrated backlit display prior to scanning, with a scan preview taking as little as 15 seconds. The maximum scan size is 37 x 37 mm.

The scanner possesses a special "fast scan" button as well as a button for a forward/backward transport of the slides and also features an antilock brake system with friction clutch, slide editor with soft brake, USB 2.0 connection and a one hour "sleep mode".

For more information on Kenro's range of products go to or call Kenro's head office on 01793 615836.


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