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Benro boosts tripod range with new Travel Angel 2

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Friday January 27, 2012

Travel Angel v2 tripod Click HERE to download as a high res file (0.21MB)

Benro boosts tripod range with new Travel Angel 2

Benro has announced a new addition to its tripod range with the release of the Travel Angel 2.

This new model brings together the best features from Benro's original Travel Angel and its Transfunctional Travel Angel series to create a tripod that, says Paul Kench, Managing Director of Kenro who distribute Benro products in the UK and Ireland, ticks every box on the photographer's wish list. He added: "The original Travel Angel has received consistent praise from photographers and enthusiasts around the world but Travel Angel 2 takes the design to a new level."

Manufactured from high quality aluminium or carbon fibre with magnesium alloy castings, Benro's Travel Angel 2 tripods are supplied matched with one of the company's B series Ball Heads. They are rust and weather resistant and have innovative rubberised leg locking grips and an anti-rotating twist-lock leg design, both of which make for a quick set up.

Additional flexibility is achieved by the tripod legs which can be independently locked in two positions, helping photographers work in difficult or cramped conditions. These independently locked legs also help on uneven ground where, depending on the surface or ground conditions, either spiked or rubber feet can be chosen while a hook on the bottom of the centre column enables the user to hang additional weights to increase stability.

For portability and compactness, tripod legs can be inverted and folded back through 180 degrees. Each tripod features a detachable leg, that when used in conjunction with the removable centre column, easily converts the tripod into a full sized monopod without the need for additional tools.

Tripods are also supplied with an attachment to convert the monopod into a fully functioning walking stick with built in compass. A high quality durable case is included with strap for ease of transportation and added protection.

The Travel Angel 2 series is available in a choice of six sizes, in both high quality aluminium as well as eight layer carbon fibre.

For more information on Kenro's range of products go to or call Kenro's head office on 01793 615836.


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