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OnOne Software now official MPA Trade Partner

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Friday October 14, 2011

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OnOne Software now official MPA Trade Partner

The Master Photographers Association is pleased to announce a new Trade Partnership with OnOne Software, the manufacturer of Perfect Photo Suite 6.

The new deal extends across a number of areas mutually beneficial to both organisations and includes a high profile presence on the website ( and in MPA's publications.

Trade Partnerships are a new direction for the Association and are being developed due to a need in the photo industry forácompanies to work more closely with their suppliers to add greater benefits all round.

Bob Campbell, Managing Director of onOne Software in the UK, Europe and the Rest of The World says: "We're delighted to be associated with the MPA. It's crucial for us, as an innovative photographic software company to be associated with the best in the business. Our brand new Perfect Photo Suite 6 is just launching and because it appeals to all photographers whether they use Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture or use none of those(!) we are sure MPA will help us establishing the brand.

Chief Executive of the MPA, Colin Buck added: "We are very pleased that OnOne Software has come on board andáhave seen the great potential to work more closely with our members. As an organisation dealing the professionals it is importantáthat we work with suppliers at the top of their field."

Other suppliers are invited to apply for Trade Partnership status. Please contact Linda Buck, company secretary, on 01325 356555áor emailá


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