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Two new vinyl record players from Kenro

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Tuesday October 11, 2011

Reflecta turntable Click HERE to download as a high res file (0.64MB)

Two new vinyl record players from Kenro

Kenro has launched two new vinyl record players, the LP-USB/SD and the LP-PC, as part of its increasing range of digitisation products from Reflecta.

Both models create digital music files from long-playing or single records.

The LP-USB/SD can work independently so no PC is required for operation. Thanks to its integrated MP3-Converter the digitised music files are stored direct onto a USB-Stick or SD card. The two built-in loud speakers mean it can also be used as a stand-alone record player, the user can also listen via headphones using the 3.5mm jack.

The dimensions of the LP-USB/SD are 33cm x 12.5cm x 29.5cm and it weighs 2.2 Kg. It has an RRP of 90.

The new Reflecta LP-PC also enables you to digitize your long playing records easily into digital music files via its connection to a computer's USB-interface. With the included Audacity software you can directly import the music and edit your digitised LP collection by deleting 'clicks' and other unwanted noises.

The dimensions are 33cm x 11cm x 28 cm and it weighs 1.9 Kg. The RRP is 60.

Both models play at either 33rpm for LPs, 45rpm for singles or 78rpm for old 78's. The turntables come with an AutoStop switch for automatic stop after recording, Smooth drive, a replaceable cartridge (stylus), and a removable dust cover.

Paul Kench, managing director of Kenro said: "I'm sure most people have boxes of records gathering dust somewhere in their house. These two turntables can breathe life into old vinyl by quickly and easily converting them into audio files that can be played on an MP3 player or burnt to CD if required. From a retailers perspective they are a great way of opening up new markets, they're fun to use and the results are brilliant."

To view Kenro's full range, or for details of your nearest stockist please visit - alternatively call Kenro's head office on 01793 615836 for further information.


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