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NewsfeedUK's news submission and archive system gets an upgrade

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Wednesday September 7, 2011

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NewsfeedUK's news submission and archive system gets an upgrade

(The following press release is not necessarily for publication... but you can make mention of it if you want!)

Announcement to the Photo Imaging Press...

After nearly 10 years of serving the photo imaging industry with its press release distribution service, has undergone a system upgrade and website redesign.

NewsfeedUK's owners, WPS Media, have incorporated their own custom-made Virtual Press Centre software (VPC) into the system, which now allows everything to be managed via one central administration.

Photo industry editors will be familiar with the way news arrives for companies such as Fujifilm Photoimaging, Kenro and the Master Photographers Association. The NewsfeedUK principle is simple: text that is well written, easy to edit and publish, and images that are available for immediate download in both web and print resolutions.

The new system is fully integrated and allows press release creation and submission, together with image and release archiving, all to happen in one place.

Says Darron Hartas, WPS Media's managing director: "We always strive to do the best we can for journalists - to make life a little easier with looming deadlines. The new system sticks to our tried and tested method of submitting press releases in 'text-only' format, so it is easy to cut and paste into web, blog or print formats. The facility to click a link in the release that goes directly to the downloadable image has also been kept."

WPS Media's other director 'PR Pete' Brandon adds: "Journalists shouldn't see much of a difference with the releases they receive, but there are a few differences to the way they are archived on the website. I hope you'll appreciate the subtle changes we've made."

What's changed:

To download an image associated with a press release, just click the link in the release (such as the one in this release) and it will take you to a page that displays the release together with a thumbnail of one (or more) images associated with that story. At the side of the image is a link that, when clicked, will download a ZIP file of the print resolution (300 dpi) version.

If you require a 700 pixel wide web resolution version (72 dpi), then click the thumbnail and it will take you to the image archive page. Click the thumbnail again on that page for the web resolution image.

To view the latest 10 releases distributed by NewsfeedUK, just click the 'Latest news' menu button. To view the last year's worth of releases for all clients, there is a 'View All releases' link at the bottom of that page. They are listed in 'order of client' and you may also view in 'date order' if required.

If journalists have any queries regarding functionality of the new system, please contact Darron Hartas on 01323 749400 or email


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