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Graphistudio becomes MPA's first official 'Trade Partner'

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Monday August 22, 2011

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Graphistudio becomes MPA's first official 'Trade Partner'

The Master Photographers Association is pleased to announce a major new Trade Partnership with Graphistudio, one of the world's foremost wedding, portrait and portfolio album manufacturers.

The new deal extends across a number of areas mutually beneficial to both organisations and includes a high profile for Graphistudio at the MPA's Master Photography Awards, on the website ( and in MPA's publications.

Trade Partnerships are a new direction for the Association and are being developed due to a need in the photo industry for companies to work more closely with their suppliers to add greater benefits all round.

Graphistudio Albums are well known in professional photographic circles for their innovative techniques to deliver a high end digitally produced album that photographers can sell profitably to high end clients through to those with a more limited budget. They have been the innovator, evolving the wedding album to the modern digital book concept and are still leading the way as the largest producers of such albums in the world.

Says Jeremy Price, managing director of Graphistudio in the UK: "I am delighted that Graphistudio is to be part of the new and exciting project set up by the MPA. As a trade only supplier we believe that supporting the full time photographer is paramount to our success. As an official trade supplier it will enhance our partnership to the benefit of all in a ever-changing market where consumer expectations are high and they can only find their answers by choosing a professional to capture and reproduce their memories."

Chief Executive of the MPA, Colin Buck added: "We are very pleased that Graphistudio has been the first to come on board and have seen the great potential to work more closely with our members. As an organisation dealing the professionals it is important that we work with suppliers at the top of their field. Our relationship with Graphistudio goes back many years now, so we can vouch for their quality and service."

Other suppliers are invited to apply for Trade Partnership status. Please contact Colin Buck on 01325 356555 or email


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