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Two new print stocks from Fujifilm

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Tuesday October 26, 2010

ETERNA-E-3514DI-1 Click HERE to download as a high res file (1.22MB)
ETERNA-E-3523XD-1 Click HERE to download as a high res file (1.00MB)

Two new print stocks from Fujifilm

Fujifilm Motion Picture has announced the release of two new print stocks, Fujicolor ETERNA-CP 3514 and Fujicolor ETERNA-CP 3523XD.

The new range of positive print film stocks have been significantly improved and now offer finer grain and sharper detail, deeper crisp blacks, more natural greys and a higher colour saturation. The ETERNA-CP 3514 replaces ETERNA-CP 3513 and higher contrast ETERNA-CP 3523XD takes the place of ETERNA-CP 3521XD.

"Both these new additions to our range of positive film stocks raise the bar in terms of quality. The new stocks are richer, sharper and offer excellent skin tones resulting in a more natural look up on the screen," says Jerry Deeney, Marketing Manager from Fujifilm Motion Picture.

The new 3514 and 3523XD polyester base print stocks are available now in 35mm. The 3514 is also available by order in 16mm. For more information, please contact Fujifilm Motion Picture on 020 3040 0400, visit or email


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