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Fujifilm Motion Picture expands into new offices

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Wednesday January 5, 2011

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Fujifilm Motion Picture expands into new offices

The Motion Picture division of Fujifilm UK has moved to new, larger premises following a recent expansion and fresh additions to the team.

The new office is at 17 Soho Square, London, W1D 3QJ, just around the corner from Fujifilm’s previous Soho base in Poland Street.

These new premises mark a move into Europe by Fujifilm UK, which sees London becoming the Head Office for European operations. Dan Clark has joined Fujifilm as the company’s European Sales Manager and Dan is joined by European Technical Manager, Mike Mimaki.

Film stocks will continue to be available to purchase direct from the office and increased storage space will help meet the increasing demand from filmmakers for Fujifilm Motion Picture film.

The telephone and fax numbers remain the same - 020 3040 0400 and 020 7494 3425 as does the website,


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