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Fujifilm launches process paid offer for Ireland

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Friday May 13, 2011

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Fujifilm launches process paid offer for Ireland

Fujifilm Motion Picture has announced details of FILM FIRST, the new processed paid film stock service for the Irish market.

FILM FIRST is run in conjunction Deluxe Soho, and Dublin post-production houses, Windmill Lane and Screen Scene. Courier services are being provided by Aerly Bird Trans Global.

The price of the FILM FIRST package includes film stock, film processing and return delivery. As Jerry Deeney, Marketing Manager from Fujifilm Motion Picture, explains, the whole process is a simple one: "The film stock is bought in Dublin in the usual way and once the shooting is done collection is arranged via Aerly Bird. They fly the stock to Deluxe Soho in London and the processed negative is then flown back to Dublin by Aerly Bird and delivered to either Windmill Lane or Screen Scene for telecine rushes and post-production services."

Jerry continued: "We've made the accounting side simple too, with customers receiving just one invoice, in Euros, from Fujifilm Ireland. This had the added advantage of keeping the spend 100% Irish."

The turnaround times are swift, with an order of 2,000 feet or more being returned within 24 hours and smaller consignments of less than 2,000 feet taking 48 hours. All customers are given a unique job number to quote throughout the process.

The price for 35mm stock is 50 Cents per foot (200 Euros per 400ft roll or 500 Euros per 1000ft roll), while 16mm film costs 40 Cents per foot (160 Euros per 400ft roll).

For further information, please go to the FILM FIRST website, email or call +353 (01) 88 20 200.


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