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New Benro Gimbal heads available

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Wednesday June 15, 2011

Benro Gimbal Heads Click HERE to download as a high res file (0.50MB)

New Benro Gimbal heads available

Kenro has announced the UK availability of four new Gimbal heads as part of its extensive Benro Tripod range.

Benro Gimbal heads have been developed to allow the user to manipulate heavier cameras with large telephoto lenses more comfortably than with a standard tripod head. This is especially important in long distance, sports and wildlife photography.

Speed, stability and manoeuvrability are especially important features when using long and heavy telephotos, where a steady camera platform combined with quick smooth action control is essential to ensure sharp imaging. The mechanism on Benro Gimbal heads operates on the principal of manipulating the lens using its own centre of gravity. Using this principal enables the photographer to operate high magnification telephoto lenses very effectively.

The Benro Gimbal Head GHA weighs 0.47 kg, has a maximum load of 15 kg, and an RRP of 220.00.

The Benro Gimbal Head GH1 weighs 0.71 kg, has a maximum load of 12 kg, and an RRP of 319.99.

The Benro Gimbal Head GH2, weighs 1.44 kg, has a maximum load of 23 kg and an RRP of 439.99.

The Benro Gimbal Head GH3, weighs 1.76 kg, has a maximum load of 25 kg, and an RRP of 584.99.

Kenro's Managing Director, Paul Kench, says: "These Gimbal heads are rock solid and smooth in every adjustment. They help long lens users (both professional and enthusiast) to achieve consistently sharp results."

To view Kenro's full range, or for details of your nearest stockist please visit - alternatively call Kenro's head office on 01793 615836 for further information.


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