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Fujifilm unveils Photobook maker

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Monday March 7, 2011

Photobook maker Click HERE to download as a high res file (1.55MB)

Fujifilm unveils Photobook maker

Photobook Maker produces a quality photobook in around three minutes and is the ideal add-on service for photo retailers. The unitís intuitive software means the public find it easy and fun to use. As well as being easy for customers itís simple for the operator too, with no daily maintenance required, all the retailer need do is switch it on and start selling.

With a tiny footprint of just 0.3m2 it offers a great way of turning wasted shop space into profit.

Photobook Maker is truly self-service, so wonít tie-up valuable staff resources. It is completely self-contained and prints, folds, binds and trims each book with no assistance needed.

Profit is key with Photobook Maker and the books provide up to a 50% gross margin which means a swift return on investment for the retailer. Photobooks are one of the big growth areas in photo processing and this unit gives a cost-effective route to capturing this market.

The books have a professional, glossy finish that are stain resistant and scratch proof. From weddings to holidays, from baby albums to stag nights, photobooks are the perfect way for your customers to display their cherished photographic memories.

Photobook Maker can produce books with a choice of 10, 20 or 30 pages and the unit can print an average of 23 books without changing consumables. When a change is required, itís quick and simple and takes less than three minutes to replace the paper, ink ribbon and adhesive.

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Uniquely placed to be a market leader in digital imaging, Fujifilm develops and manufactures its own sensors, lenses and processing technology. In addition to its production plants and R&D operations in Japan, the company has key manufacturing facilities in Europe and the USA for core products such as colour film, colour paper, single use cameras and CTP printing plates, and has further factories in Brazil and China. It has a global turnover in excess of £13 billion.

In the UK, Fujifilm has been supplying the imaging, printing and graphics industries, as well as consumers, professional and enthusiast photographers, with high quality, innovative products and services for over 25 years. Fujifilm UK currently employs more than 450 people and has become one of the country's most popular photographic and imaging brands.

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