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Benro Quick Lock hits the shops

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Monday August 23, 2010

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Benro Quick Lock hits the shops

The latest in the series of Benro tripods is now available to UK photographers. These 'Quick Lock' tripods are high quality, precision engineered pieces of equipment and are ideal for professionals and keen enthusiasts.

Quick Lock tripods feature set-screws that provide an extra level of security when attaching the head to the top-plate and a reversible centre column which allows for greater shooting flexibility. It is this in-built flexibility that sets the Quick Lock models apart. The tripods come with a closed cell foam grip that provides a comfortable yet firm grip.

Kenro, the official UK distributor for Benro tripods, introduced this new range of acclaimed accessories in May this year with the launch of the Travel Angel Series, this was followed by the FlexPod Series in July.

Quick Locks are available in four different models, two made from eight-layer carbon fibre and two constructed in high grade aluminium. The carbon fibre tripods cost 249.99 or 299.99 with the aluminium versions having an RRP of 99.99 or 119.99. Each model comes complete with an integrated spirit level to ensure a level base and also a compass that provides coordinates for recording locations.

"Photographers can partner a Quick Lock tripod with either the Benro Ball or 3-Way heads and they will have a product that will stand the test of time." says Kenro Managing Director, Paul Kench. "We were very confident that the Benro range would prove popular with UK photographers and the feedback we've received has proved that this confidence was well placed. Benro is one of the best known, and best-selling brands of tripods in the Far East and we're delighted with the reception the range has received here."

To view Kenro's full range, or for details of your nearest stockist please visit - alternatively call Kenro's head office on 01793 615836 for further information.

All products are displayed in Kenro's showroom at the company's Swindon Head Office, trade customers are welcome to make an appointment to visit.


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