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Marumi announces launch of new flagship EXUS filter series

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Friday August 16, 2013

Exus Circular Polariser filter Click HERE to download as a high res file (0.08MB)

Marumi announces launch of new flagship EXUS filter series

Kenro has announced that a new flagship line of high-quality filters from Marumi, the EXUS series, are now available.

The EXUS series, comprising a line of Lens Protect and Circular Polarising filters, are available in 13 different diameter sizes ranging from 37mm to 82mm and feature new antistatic and anti-reflective qualities to ensure both film and digital photographers are able to get the best out of their work.

The antistatic coating found in both new lines provides added reassurance that images won't be compromised by any clinging static and provide photographers with exceptionally clear images. For further protection, each filter in the EXUS series has been coated to repel water and oil, whilst also providing resistance against fingerprints and water spots.

Made in Japan, excellent image quality is attainable using filters from the EXUS range thanks to new ultra-low reflective qualities added to their design and construction. The EXUS Lens Protect filters are able to achieve ultra-low reflection of less than 0.3% (and less than 0.6% using the Circular Polariser); meaning photographers get the most accurate depiction of the image they are shooting.

The EXUS Circular Polariser line comes equipped with a host of qualities that have been designed to enhance the results of outdoor photography. Compared to a conventional polariser, light transmission has increased by 30% in EXUS models, making colours look more intense and shadows darker with improved contrast, so the view from the finder is easier to differentiate.

Another distinguishing feature of the EXUS Circular Polariser it its Teflon-coated male threads, which not only reduces excessively tight screwing of the filter and lens while shooting, but makes the process of attaching and detaching smooth and easy, saving the photographer time.

Whilst possessing protective qualities, glass found on EXUS Lens Protect filters comes with improved flatness and intensity, enhanced by Marumi's exceptionally thin frame design. Each EXUS filter also comes with a case for added protection.

Paul Kench, managing director of Kenro, made this comment: "The flagship EXUS range of filters by Marumi provides photographers with the maximum amount of options when shooting on location. Photographers can come across a variety of issues when shooting outdoors and the EXUS range addresses these key areas to ensure their best work is more easily achievable."

Kenro is the official UK and Ireland distributors for the range of Marumi photographic accessories, including filters, achromat lenses, wide angle and telephoto converter lenses and lens hoods. See for details of your nearest stockist, or call Kenro on 01793 615836 for more details.

The Marumi EXUS Lens Protect filters have a suggested retail price which ranges from £52.92 to £120.90 and the Marumi EXUS Circular Polariser filters have a suggested retail price which ranges from £119.04 to £288.60, depending on size of filter. All lens prices include VAT and are available now.


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