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Marumi has good news for Sony users

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Friday November 5, 2010

Marumi Ring Flash Click HERE to download as a high res file (0.76MB)

Marumi has good news for Sony users

Kenro has announced that the renowned Marumi Ring Flash (MADRF14) is now available with a Sony fit.

Previously, the Marumi Ring Flash was only an option for Canon or Nikon owners, but now Sony users will be able to take advantage of its shadow-free illumination. It is designed for close up, macro, medical, scientific and forensic photography as the flash light source is positioned directly between the camera lens and the subject providing an even/shadowless illumination.

The Ring Flash consists of a Main Control Unit which fits directly onto the camera hot shoe and a separate Ring Flash Unit which connects to the lens filter thread. The standard mount is 52mm and step up rings to 55mm, 58mm, 62mm and 67mm are included. The unit incorporates direct hot shoe synchronisation and has a flash duration of 1/7000th second and a recycling time of 4-6 seconds.

Features include:
Guide Number: 14m/46ft (100 ISO).
Automatic TTL Range: 0.9-7.0m / 3.0-23ft (F2.0)
Circuitry: fast recycling IGBT
Flash Duration: 1/7000 sec.(full power)
Number of Flashes approx (Alkaline): 150-300
Number of Flashes approx. (Ni-Cd/Ni-MH): 100-200
Recycling Time approx (Alkaline): 6sec
Recycling Time approx (Ni-Cd/Ni-MH): 4 sec
Power Source: 4 X Alkaline,Ni-Cd/Ni-MH
Dimension (WHL): 70mm / 45mm / 150mm
Weight: (NET) 250g

Kenro managing director Paul Kench believes the new Marumi Ring Flash is ideally suited to those looking for high end results on a limited budget: "Ring flash is normally an expensive luxury, but now it is within reach of every serious photographer, courtesy of Marumi. I'm delighted this option is now open to Sony users. It's easy to use and very effective."

The DRF14 has a RRP of 187.41 and is available now from major photographic dealers.

Kenro is the official UK distributors for the range of Marumi photographic accessories, including filters, lens hoods and flash guns. See for details of your nearest stockist, or call Kenro on 01793 615836 for more details.


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