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Benro launches new 'Combo' range of tripods

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Tuesday July 2, 2013

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Benro launches new 'Combo' range of tripods

Kenro, the official UK and Ireland distributor for the acclaimed Benro range of tripods and bags,has introduced the Combination series of tripods, plus two new geared centre columns.

The new Combination range is so named due to the choice of two platforms for the tripods either the simple flat platform or the geared centre column. The flat platform allows the tripod to work without any centre column, thus offering great stability and the choice of an extremely low working height.

The Combination Series offer the highest stabilities and loading capacities of any Benro tripods, making them especially suitable for heavy equipment, such as long-lenses or medium and large format cameras. All models in this series are manufactured from high grade eight layer carbon-fibre and feature multi-adjustable legs with a twist lock mechanism.

Two models are now available from Kenro, the C3770T and the C4770T, both feature legs with three sections. The C3770T weighs in at 1.75 KG and can support a load of up to 18KG. The C4770T weighs 2.36 KG and can carry a maximum of 25KG.

The tripods come with interchangeable feet, giving the user the choice of either standard rubber feet or fitting the stainless steel spiked feet that are included.

Also new to the Benro range are two geared centre columns, the AGC3 and AGC4 models, both designed to enhance the experience of using the Combo tripod. A geared centre column allows for precise adjustments to be made to compositions during shooting and adds a new level of flexibility, making the tripods just as useful for macro and studio work, where precision is key.

Kenro's Managing Director, Paul Kench, made this comment: "The Combination series of Benro tripods combine light weight with very high load bearing potential. They're the ideal choice for large format work or for any photographer who works with heavy lenses. The choice of platform makes these new tripods very versatile and easily adaptable to different shooting conditions."

The C3770T is available now with an SRP of 431.40 (incl VAT) along with the C4770T model which carries an SRP of 515.40 (incl VAT). The AGC3 geared centre column is available now with an SRP of 266.40 (incl VAT) as well as the AGC4 model which has an SRP of 294.00 (incl VAT).

To view Kenro's full range, or for details of your nearest stockist please visit - alternatively call Kenro's head office on 01793 615836 for further information.


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