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Colorworld Imaging continues as an official MPA Trade Partner

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Friday January 18, 2013

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Colorworld Imaging continues as an official MPA Trade Partner

The Master Photographers Association is pleased to announce the continued Trade Partnership with Colorworld Imaging.

The deal extends across a number of areas mutually beneficial to both organisations and includes a high profile presence in the Members' Area of the website ( and in MPA's publications.

Trade Partnerships are an initiative introduced last year by the Association that were developed due to a need in the photo industry forácompanies to work more closely with their suppliers to add greater benefits all round.

Says Alex Brydon, Colorworld's managing director: "Colorworld Imaging is delighted to be continuing to support the MPA and its members as we work extremely hard to provide high standards in the industry and this is echoed in the philosophy of the Association. It is an honour to be recognised by such a nationally respected association of professionals and we look forward to the future in continuing our support by once again being an Official Trade Partner to the MPA. "

Chief Executive of the MPA, Colin Buck added: "We are delighted that Colorworld sees the potential to continue to work closely with our members. As an organisation dealing with professionals it is importantáthat we work with suppliers at the top of their field and Colorworld is a well respected established pro lab."

Other suppliers are invited to apply for Trade Partnership status. Please contact Linda Buck, company secretary, on 01325 356555áor emailá


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