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Fujifilm's SmartPix kiosk now Apple-friendly

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Friday September 7, 2012

iPhone friendly Smartpix Kiosk Click HERE to download as a high res file (0.98MB)

Fujifilm's SmartPix kiosk now Apple-friendly

Fujifilm has launched a new feature for its acclaimed SmartPix kiosk that will enable retailers to print images direct from their customers' iPhones and iPads.

Using a simple connecting cable, customers are now able to transfer their images quickly and easily from their Apple devices to the kiosk; the SmartPix software will do the rest. This means the full range of print sizes and other options such as canvas prints and photo gifts are now available to iPhone users.

The new addition to the SmartPix kiosk is just another one to be added as part of Fujifilm's on-going development for SmartPix software licensed users.

As with all of Fujifilm's developments, this enhancement was designed with the photo consumer in mind. As Peter Wigington, Marketing Manager for Fujifilm Photo Imaging Group said: "Anything that encourages people to print their images is a positive thing and, as iPhones and iPads are such a popular capture devices I'm sure that being able to easily print from them will be greatly appreciated by the public."

Members of the Fujifilm Digital Imaging Service (FDIS) group of retailers will be provided with point of sale material to help promote this new service within their stores.

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